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CEO Prof. Dr. Tania Peitzker.


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"We integrate your cognitive interfaces"

We are in Toronto, Melbourne, London, Nice/Monte Carlo, Dusseldorf and of course Munich!

Our team's photos and profiles will be published here soon!


Tania Peitzker


Tania works from her Lingham family's farm in North Kent, right by the London border on the Medway River. She grew up in Australia, spent nearly 20 eventful years in Berlin and now retreats on a winter sabbatical to the Cote d'Azur to write and re-energise. You can find out more about Tania's skills and qualifications here on her portfolio site. She is responsible for Business Development, strategic sales & marketing and recruiting fantastic talent to join our scaling up team.

Darren Lee


A highly experienced programmer and Quality Assurance manager for many multinational IT firms for decades, Darren works on AI BaaS's proprietary algorithm VAIP from his "cave", also known as our Devon Lab. [VAIP = Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois]. His ancient, faithful dog and graphic designer brother Cliff, have been crucial to getting our Bots as a Service to market! Both were also familiar with Darren's first robot creation with AI back in the 1980s...

We will be adding more team members here soon